Let's go camping!

Labor Day Weekend / August 31-September 3 / Hidden Lake Campground

Time to pull out the tent! Join us Labor Day weekend out at the Hidden Lake campground. Come spend a night (or two or three), or pop out during the day(s). Find the schedule here, and start getting ready!

Meals are a mix of communal and at your own campfire. We'll start each day with coffee together, and end the evenings with time in worship through song and Scripture. In between, there's plenty of time for hiking, fishing, reading that book you've been meaning to read, and lots of good conversation.

If you'd know for sure you're coming and would like to reserve a spot, please get in touch with Drew by Wednesday, and drop off the site money at the office by 3pm on Wednesday, 8/29 ($10/night). He's heading out on Thursday and will do his best to get us a bunch of campsites all in one loop.

Where's Hidden Lake?

Down Skilak Loop Road. It's a few miles in from the far side of Skilak Loop.

Find more information here!

Please note that the Refuge and the specific campsites have rules regarding pets, generators, harvesting firewood, etc. Here's a link to the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge general rules, and campsite-specific rules will be posted out at Hidden Lake.

I want to come!

As a church, we try to get a group of campsites together, the better to fellowship, and for our kids to run not-quite-amok. If you know you'd like to be there, and which nights, please talk to Drew Dickson (394.0300), and drop off the $10/night site fee at the church office by Wednesday.

Maybe you can't stay the whole time? Come whenever, for however long you're able to stay--someone will always be happy to see you. :)

Here's the schedule!