Discipleship at peninsula Grace

Discipleship Triangles

One avenue for discipleship at Peninsula Grace is called a discipleship triangle. These are groups of (wait for it) three guys, or three gals (can be 4 or 5 too) gathering regularly (weekly, bi-weekly), praying for one another, sharing life, digging into God's Word and growing in Christ together! 

Below, you can find a helpful guide for why and how we do this! 

Click here to open: Discipleship Triangle Manual

Want to start a triangle? Contact Justin Franchino to learn how to get started! justin@peninsulagrace.org

Discipleship Encounters

Discipleship Encounters is a great resource to use in your discipleship triangle. It guides you through God's Word, learning  how to grow as a disciple of Jesus and how to make other disciples of Jesus. 

Click here to open: Discipleship Encounters