Learning to Listen: Tune Up, Out, & In

{ October 4-5, 2019 }

Sisters, let us abide together, as our guest speaker, Diann Colburn, takes us into the Word and we behold Jesus and His Good News.


Friday, October 4 at 5pm through Saturday October 5 at 8pm.


Alaska Christian Retreat Center

37925 Deville Rd, Sterling, AK 99672

Registration: $60

payable on-line with a card or at church with cash or check

Registration includes meals Saturday (Friday night is a potluck), and an overnight at the retreat center.

If you aren't staying overnight, registration is $50.

On-line registration is closed--call Cherie if you're hoping to come out!

For inquiries, please talk to Cherie Taylor: 907.252.8950.

What should I bring?

A Bible, a favorite pen or two, a dish to share for Friday's potluck, clothes and toiletries, a project or hobby to work on during personal time. We'll provide a folder/book with room for journalling (or you can bring your own!). 

A lot of the retreat will be indoors, but there's a unique meeting with our Creator God when we rest in nature, so bring suitable clothes for time outside as well. 

If you're spending the night, please bring bedding. (And if you think you'd like a shower, please bring a towel too.)

Meet Diann

A few of the facts about me :

Most importantly:

I am Rescued, Forgiven, Redeemed, Transformed—by the God Who Is Love and Grace— and may I ever be.

A few more facts:

Born in CA (LA County), raised in HI, raised my own family in CA, moved to AK in 2011 and was a resident until last September. For the last four years I have lived between Alaska, Hawaii, California, Houston, Seattle, traveling constantly. Nine weeks is the longest I’ve been somewhere before boarding another plane. 

I am :

  • a daughter with three sisters, 1 brother
  • an aunt, starting at age 7, to a dozen nieces/nephews and now 23 greats
  • the biological mom of three sons who raised two of them and placed the first in an adoptive home
  • a wife twice
  • a grand-mother twice
  • an adult orphan, as my parents are both in heaven after 89 years on the earth
  • a first wave Gen Xer (1965) with 4 Baby Boomer sibs (1946-1954) and Great Depression/WWII-era parents—The Greatest Generation. I was born the week my mom turned 40.   

When I was 5, my parents made a major mid-life change and became missionaries to the mission field that gets no sympathy: Hawaii.   

Being raised as a minority ethnicity —and in the country— has shaped my life for the good.

My first marriage officially ended after 17 years, though it was over long before that. We are still in cordial contact and he is the father of all my sons.

My second marriage came as a great surprise to me: in 2015, after a 4-month whirlwind courtship, I married a man I’ve known since I was 12 and first kissed when I was 15!

I have traveled around the world for kingdom causes, with extended stays in Indonesia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Mexico, Kenya, and interesting stops in Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, Athens, England. Waiting for the green light to go again. 

I’ve enjoyed hiking, running, karate, fencing, equestrian vaulting, canoeing, reading, gardening, acting/singing/dancing and theater production, and all sorts of games.

My college career started at Biola University, included two community colleges, but both my degrees are from California State University Fullerton in Communication Theory and Practice, covering public, interpersonal, organizational, intercultural communication as well as argumentation, persuasion, and the critique of communication messages in popular culture.  

My college teaching career started at Cal State Fullerton, included two community colleges, expanded to four years with Azusa Pacific University, five with Kenai Peninsula College, three with Alaska Christian College, and a variety of other classes in other places.

As awards go, my proudest career achievement was being nominated by the students of KPC for three years as Most Outstanding Part-Time Professor and winning it the fourth year.

I have been blessed to serve two churches as support and pastoral staff for a combined 12 years of vocational congregational ministry: Church of the Open Door of Los Angeles/Glendora and NewSong Church of San Dimas, CA. 

For 20 years I have done independent editing, writing, speaking, consulting, and things of that vein. Once upon a time I was an educational consultant and manager with Discovery Toys. And long, long ago, on a curb in California, a watercolor portrait I did of Abraham Lincoln sold to a passerby for a nickel. : )  


Talk to Cherie Taylor: 907.252.8950.