Frequently Asked Questions

How long will our Body be meeting online?

  • Of course, nobody knows how long we will need to avoid large group gatherings. For us, this includes all PGC ministries (Sunday service, classes, children's and youth ministries, etc.) The elders are following the CDC's recommendation of an 8-week window (which would put us back on May 10th) but we are taking all of this one week (really, one day) at a time. We pray it will be sooner, but are preparing that it could be even longer! (If anyone has an exact date from the Lord, please let us know!)

Is there a Sunday service?

How can I stay informed?

  • As a church, none of us know what this will look like or for how long! So, for the latest updates and resources... 
  • 1) If you would like to receive text updates, text INFORMATION to 262-427-6444. Also use that number if you have a prayer request, a need, know of a need, or would like more information about anything! (Well, church-related, it's not a Google substitute!)
  • 2) Join our church Facebook page: Peninsula Grace - lots of good info popping up there daily!
  • 3) Sign up for our weekly Church News email
  • 4) Sign up for Breeze, our church app. We want to communicate with everyone well, and this is our resource for contact information and communication. It also provides church directory, calendar, online giving, forms and feedback. (If you have not received church text messages, you are not yet signed up!)
  • 5) Periodically check out this page!
  • 6) Contact the church office! Stop in during regular office hours: Mon-Thurs, 9am-3pm. Or... call one of our staff's personal cell phone number at 2am - they'll love it

How can I give to the church?

  • During this time, as always, we trust the Lord to supply our needs. We do still have a (more than ever) hard-working staff, missionaries to support, people to serve and bills to pay. So how do you do that?
  • 1) Give online here! You can give with a credit card or bank transfer. Automatically repeating giving options are available. You can also specify if it is for regular offering, or a specific missionary, etc. Our website is secure. 
  • 2) Stop in to the office, Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm and throw us a check or cash from a distance of 6 feet away or greater.
  • 3) Mail check or cash to Peninsula Grace Church, 44175 K-Beach Road Soldotna, AK 99669

What are some resources for community and growth during this period?

  • We encourage you, first and foremost, to stay connected to Jesus as an individual and a family! We have a 2020 church prayer and reading calendar where you can engage in a daily reading and prayer guide. We will also be posting daily videos and devotionals to help guide you and your family
  • For now, all in-person ministries are on hold. Check back soon for some exciting opportunities for our Foundations class, digital community groups and more!
  • Our family of churches, known as the Charis Fellowship, has some great resources that can be found here, including sermons, articles and ideas for how to do life together in this time of social distancing.

What about stuff for my kids?

How do I find the livestream on YouTube?

  • 1) Open your YouTube app. 
  • 2a) If you are not already a subscriber to the Peninsula Grace Church channel, search for “peninsula grace church” in the search bar, which you can find by clicking the left arrow. When you find it, subscribe! 
  • 2b) If you are a subscriber to the channel, you can find the channel in your subscriptions, also found by clicking the left arrow button on the home screen. There should be an option in the right hand corner to “Visit Channel”
  • 3) Once on the channel, scroll down to find “Created Playlists,” and select the “Live-Stream Sermons!” There you will find this week's sermon! 
  • You can also cast the video from the channel on your phone to a device like a Fire Stick from Amazon, or a Roku, or on a smart TV. When you are on the YouTube app on your phone, look for and choose the symbol with the square and three curved lines in the corner. This should bring up the name of the device to which you would like to cast it. 
  • Or, another option is just plugging your laptop into your TV via an HDMI cable.
  • Any questions, please email