Summer Reading

REading Plan

Over the summer of 2022 we'll walk through two sermon series as a church body. First, during the month of June we'll discover what True Belonging within the family of God can be. And then in July and August we'll dive into Daniel to learn what it means to live as strangers in a strange world under a sovereign king. 


Each Monday and Sunday we'll read the sermon passage for the week. Every other day of the week we'll be reading books whose main themes coincide with the main themes of our sermon series. Additionally, there will be a daily reading from Psalms and Proverbs. 


If you get behind- don't worry about it! Just jump in with today's reading. Let's dig deeper together!

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Week 12-14

Week 12-14 - We'll wrap our summer in Daniel by reading from James whose wisdom reflects the wise council that Daniel gave to the kings he served. After James, we'll move through Revelation. In the final book of our Canon, John draws on much of the language and style in Daniel. He even builds on many of the same themes found in the Exile Prophet. 

Summer Reading

Weeks 1-3

Week 1-3 - To kick off our True Belonging series we'll spend three weeks reading through 1 Corinthians. In this letter Paul writes to a struggling church to show how the humbling and unifying gospel of grace ought to transform every aspect of our life together. 

Week 4 & 5

Week 4 - As we prepare for our series in Daniel, we'll be reading through the entire book in about a week. Don't worry about studying all of the confusing details. Instead try to get a good grasp of the overall flow of thought in Daniel. This will help us be able to put all the parts in their proper context. 

Week 5 - In 1 John we read the fatherly Apostle's words to children scattered in a dark world. Like Daniel and his friends, the children of God under the New Covenant are called to a radical faithfulness and compelling love.