Reading Plan

As a Body, we want to know God through His Word. When we come together Sunday mornings, it's our hope that the sermon is a culmination and coming-out-of time spent in Scripture throughout the week.

Read with us...

HOUSEHOLD OF GOD -  Timothy Reading Plan

Here is a PDF version to use, download and print too!  You can also click the links beside each day to read all the passages online. 

Our prayer is that amid business, changing schedules and uncertain futures our hearts would rest firmly on the faithful Word of God. This simple reading and devotional plan is meant to help you and your family do just that. 


We will continue our series on "Life in God's Household" by walking through 2 Timothy as a church family. Our major theme to consider will be "faithfully enduring together." This reading plan is designed to enhance your time in God's Word through this series. Here's how it's laid out. On Mondays and Saturdays, we will read the sermon text for the coming Sunday. On Tuesdays we will read one significant passage outside of 2 Timothy that sheds further light on the sermon passage. At the same time, each day we will be reading straight through another book of the Bible (we'll finish John then look at two examples of faithful endurance in Nehemiah and Zechariah). Each of these books are meant to pair with what we are studying in 2 Timothy. And there will be a reading from Proverbs each weekday and a Psalm every day. 

Our encouragement would be for you to carve out time each day for these readings. Maybe that will be early mornings, at breakfast, or during a lunch break, after dinner, or before lying down to sleep. Don't feel pressure to quickly read each passage each day, but take time to ponder what you are able to read. Also, consider inviting someone else in the church to have a weekly conversation about what we're reading together as a church. And you could also use this calendar for leading times of family worship with your spouse and children. And of course, if you miss a day, just pick right back up with us on today's reading.

*If you get behind, feel free to jump right back in with today’s reading