Reading Plans

As a Body, we want to know God through His Word. When we come together Sunday mornings, it's our hope that the sermon is a culmination and coming-out-of time spent in Scripture throughout the week.

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We'll be preaching through the book of Matthew, and while we have a reading plan for the year, it doesn't always line up with Sunday's passages. Here's the current breakdown of what's coming:

  • September 6 - Betrayal vs Beauty - Matthew 26:1-16, 27:3-10
  • September 13 - The Last Supper - Matthew 26:17-35
  • September 20 - I Come to the Garden Alone - Matthew 26:36-56
  • September 27 - The King's Betrayal and Arrest - Matthew 26:47-75
  • October 4 - The King and Pilate - Matthew 27:1-2, 11-26
  • October 11 - The Death of the King - Matthew 27:32-56
  • October 18 - The King is Risen Indeed! - Matthew 27:57-66, 28:1-15
  • October 25 - The King's Commission - Matthew 28:16-20

2020 Reading Plan

It is our hope, as a gospel-centered community, that we will be in unity this coming year, as we read together, pray together, and support our missionaries together. The 2020 calendar features a missionary each month, daily prayer suggestions, and daily scripture readings. Our daily readings will take us through the book of Matthew and supporting passages, as we dig into the book of Matthew on Sunday mornings.

The calendar is intended primarily for personal/family use, with the joyful expectation that time in Word and in prayer will bear fruit in our day-to-day life—around the dinner table, at school and work or the grocery store, in our community groups, and in our Sunday mornings together. Print off a month at time (or more!), or grab a hard copy of the entire calendar from the Welcome Center. 

Let’s open the Word together, and look to our Immanuel, our God with Us.

>>>  click here for a digital copy of the calendar  <<<

And click here for a daily devotional to help guide you through today's passage!