Reading Plan

As a Body, we want to know God through His Word. When we come together Sunday mornings, it's our hope that the sermon is a culmination and coming-out-of time spent in Scripture throughout the week.

Read with us...

The Unfolding Promise

This fall the Peninsula Grace family will be tracing the unfolding plan of God's promises in Scripture. Along the way, we'll stop at each of the covenants made between God and his people recorded in Scripture. We'll look first at the covenant God made at creation in Genesis 1-2, then his covenant with Noah, then Abraham, then his covenant with the nation of Israel, then his promise to King David, and then finally we'll come to the New Covenant established by Christ. These promises form the backbone of the over-arching storyline of Scripture.


In every age, the people of God must be reoriented around God's grand story. Only when our hearts and minds are re-calibrated around his unfolding promises can we truly live like the people he has designed us to be. 

Our encouragement would be for you to carve out time each day for these readings. Maybe that will be early mornings, at breakfast, or during a lunch break, after dinner, or before lying down to sleep. Don't feel pressure to quickly read each passage each day, but take time to ponder what you are able to read. Also, consider inviting someone else in the church to have a weekly conversation about what we're reading together as a church. And you could also use this calendar for leading times of family worship with your spouse and children. And of course, if you miss a day, just pick right back up with us on today's reading.

*If you get behind, feel free to jump right back in with today’s reading

PDF version here

Weeks 1-5

The foundation of all of God's redeeming work is laid in the Book of Genesis. As you read through Genesis this month, notice each of the three covenants God initiates in this book. His promises begin to unfold in seedling form. But God is not in a hurry; he grows things.  

Weeks 6-8

In weeks 6-8 we'll read through two New Testament books. As we read through Galatians pay attention to the way in which God's past covenants prepare us for the freedom found in Christ's new covenant. And in Hebrews, we will see that New Covenant fulfills what the Old Covenant merely pointed to as a shadow. We can endure over the long haul because Christ has established a new and better covenant. 


Week 6 (Sept 6-12)

September 6 - Genesis17:1-14; Psalm 5; Galatians 1; Proverbs 25:6-7

September 7- Psalm 6; Galatians 2; Proverbs 25:8-10

September 8 Psalm 7; Galatians 3; Proverbs 25:11-12

September 9 - Psalm 8; Galatians 4; Proverbs 25:13

September 10 - Psalm 9; Galatians 5; Proverbs 25:14-15

September 11 Psalm 10; Galatians 6

September 12 - Genesis 17:1-14; Psalm 11

Weeks 9-13

We'll conclude our series on the Covenants by looking at the Book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel writes to the people of God at their lowest point in history- God's promises had never seemed further off. Yet even in their despair, Ezekiel confirms God's sovereign faithfulness. Pay careful attention to God's actions in this book. Let them be a reminder that he is always at work accomplishing his purposes. 


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