Winter 2022

REading Plan

As we prepare for Christmas, we will start a slow meditative journey through the Gospel of Luke that will take us all the way to Easter 2023. At the same time that we read the familiar stories of Christ's birth we will also look at many of the prophecies from Isaiah that describe Jesus' coming. During your bible reading times this season, linger with the story of Jesus. Ponder the anticipation and longing felt by the ancient people of God. 

As always, if you miss a day, just jump back in with today's reading! We're excited to dig deeper together! 

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Week 5-7

With the start of a new year, we will resume our sermon series through Ephesians, "Together in Christ." We will also continue reading through the Psalms and Luke. In addition, we will start working slowing through Paul's letter to the Romans. As you read, meditate upon the majesty and mystery of the gospel of free grace. This gospel declares guilty sinners righteous through the righteousness of Christ who has died in our place.