Sunday, November 8: Update

Hello church family! 

We had a great first week regathering, and look forward to doing so again this Sunday, November 8th! In-person services at 9am and 10.45am, and livestream is available at 10.45am. There will be no children's ministries (5th grade and down) until further notice, but high school (Sunday nights) and junior high (Wednesday nights) youth groups are regathering. 

Please see this video for a few things to consider during this time, especially for those not ready to gather in-person yet. 

From last week, here is a review on how we are approaching the Sunday morning service at this time:


The elders have spent long hours praying and discussing next steps, and outlining three goals:

  1. We want to love those who stand to lose the most from the virus
  2. We want to help slow the spread of the virus
    • To help people stay healthy, attend school and go to work
  3. We want to help people who want to come worship and fellowship but do so socially distanced (for the aforementioned considerations)


Therefore, we ask our people for three things as we regather this Sunday: 

       1.  We ask to stay home if you have any symptoms

                    -  Even the mildest symptoms can be evidence of the virus!

       2.  We ask to maintain social distance (6 feet or more) as much as possible before, during and after

             the service

                    -  We have arranged the chairs to accommodate for this

                    -  Of course, you’ll pass by people closer - but consider your distance when having sustained     


                    -  We know it makes chatting a bit harder, but just channel your inner Justin voice!

       3.  We ask, if social distance cannot be maintained, to a wear a mask

                    -  To clarify, that wouldn’t mean the whole time, just when you’re not six feet or farther


                    -  Think before and after the service; sustained conversations up close

                    -  We encourage parents to consider what that looks like for young children


We will also be providing an overflow room next door in the Youth Center at 10:45am

     - Consider coming to the 9am to help us spread out!

     - Consider gathering with a few others at home for a watch party and fellowship!

Check out the video for more detail! 


Finally, brothers and sisters, we know not everyone agrees on how to handle this virus. What we pray for and ask each one is to show loving kindness to those with whom you disagree. Father, give us unity, and let us be a beautiful testimony of Jesus’ grace to our community!


Together in Christ,

- Pastor Justin