Dani Andersen - Children's Ministries

I grew up, with my eight siblings, in a Christian (and Iowan) home, with a mother who loved to serve in our church, and helped instill that same love in me.

After school I joined the military, where I met my husband, Chuck. We were married in 2005 and over the next few years, welcomed our two kids into our family. Living in Tennessee, we were blessed to find a church that felt like home—the people, the pastor, the worship team—we felt we were talked to and with, instead of being talked at (or worse, ignored!).

In 2017, my husband got a job in Alaska, and so up we came. We found Peninsula Grace (and loved it!) and happily call it our church home.

When I offered to help the Children’s Coordinator when she went on maternity leave in 2018, I didn’t expect her to take me up on that offer, but she did, and here I am! I love serving behind the scenes, helping with planning and preparations, but my absolute favorite part is creating opportunities for our little people to do big things. We have a BIG God, and we don’t have to wait till we’re “old enough” to be the hands and feet of Jesus.