Lisa Peterson

- Administrative Assistant

My life has been a not-so-steady journey deeper into God's steady and persistent love. 

I grew up in Minnesota as a fairly standard "good Christian girl"--AWANA, Sunday school, youth group, teen retreats, church summer camp, etc. I knew the right things to say and the right things to do, and tried, mostly, to say and do those things, regardless of the discord and/or emptiness out of which they came.

At the age of 17, while scrubbing toilets at 2am for a Christian teen retreat weekend, the futility of my faith sunk in. I was exhausted with trying to keep up appearance, to maintain a perfect standard, and I was ready to admit how hollow it all felt. Not really knowing what life was supposed to look like next, I kept on in my trajectory, attending a Christian university after high school. There however, my life course changed. I was confronted by and surrounded with peers who loved Jesus, and who lived with a joy, freedom, and abundance that I had never experienced. It was there, at 19 years old, that I saw my desperate need for a Savior, and God's passionate love for His children, fleshing out the choice I had made as a young girl to invite Jesus into my heart. Since then, life has been a slow unwinding of the legalism and self-identities I find myself clinging to or hiding behind, and learning to rest in Someone! more wild and more True.

Connections at college brought me up to Soldotna, Alaska, serving as the Administrative Assistant for Alaska Christian College, where I was privileged to work for four years. Through a co-worker, I met Jacob (the handsome bloke in the picture), and we married in 2009. Life and babies followed, and in 2012, with a five-and-a-half-month-old baby strapped to my chest (#babywearing4ever), I settled into the office at Peninsula Grace. 

It's my hope, prayer, and privilege, utilizing words and graphics and good conversation, that I  would be both encouraging and edifying to my sisters and brothers of Peninsula Grace, as we grow into maturity in Christ, together. 

Fun facts: I love breves, Ella Fitzgerald, and the smell of fall. I don't love Monopoly, "inappropriate" use of fonts, and exercise.