We are a gospel-centered community reproducing

disciples of Jesus...

...to present everyone complete in Christ. 

Colossians 1.28   

Engage a lost community.

Discipleship begins by going into the world, befriending sinners (that's everyone!) and pointing them to Jesus by our actions and words. 

Luke 19.10

Equip a loving community.

Every disciple should be equipped to know Jesus and make Him known, serving others with their Spirit-given gifts. 

Ephesians 4.12

Empower a living community.

The goal of discipleship is to reproduce disciples who engage, equip and empower other disciples!

2 Timothy 2.2


We believe that the following are marks of a gospel-centered community reproducing disciples of Jesus:

  •   Believing God's Word
  •   Becoming Like Jesus
  •   Being Led by the Holy Spirit


As a church, we value GRACE.

  •    Gospel-Centered Teaching
  •    Relentless Prayer
  •   Awestruck Worship
  •    Compassionate Community
  •    Egoless Service