Robbie Smithwick
  - Youth Ministries Director

 Hello there, my name is Robbie. I was born in Toppenish Washington, February 14, 1993. Which makes me a Valentines baby; Roberto Antonio Valentino, as my mother says. Shortly after I was born my family moved back to Alaska where I have been ever since. I grew up with four siblings in a christian home and attended a private Christian school.  

I remember when I asked Jesus to come into my heart was at an after school ministry called “Child Evangelism Fellowship”. I was very concerned it didn’t work the first time so I asked Jesus to be my savior multiple times after. Needless to say I had a pull in my heart to know and follow Jesus.

After this point I always felt a call to serve Jesus with my life. This call has taken many different forms throughout my life, but none has been more specific than my call to youth ministry. 

Working with youth age kids has always been a passion of mine as it is a point in life where kids are called into adulthood and have to make “big” life decisions; what do I believe and what does that mean for my life? I truly feel called to help kids walk through through this point in life as they discovering God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

I believe one reason for this is my unique story during this stage of my life. Between the ages of 13 and 17 I lost three cousins in a plane wreck and my father to the Kenai river. These trials forced me to make decisions about my faith and what I believed earlier than some may experience.

God has been so faithful to me and called me into deeper relationship with him with every step I have taken in my life. Whether in jubilee or despair, God has remained my constant, my Father and my Guide.

That's what has brought me here today!

Bonus Fact:

I love golf and I built a golf green in my front yard.

p.s.: Leading worship (and mentoring musicians and leaders) is another of my giftings and passions, as is being a husband to my beautiful Cara, and father to Louis and Leeland.