Reach Out


God is mightily at work in the world, and we are excited as a church body to partner financially and in prayer with the following organizations and individuals.

  • Jessi

    About Jessi:

    Jessi aims to use her skills as a Midwife and Registered Nurse to build relationships with women in an unreached part of the developing world. As part of a team working together to build Kingdom-communities, Jessi longs to bring women, their families and their surrounding communities into Abundant Life. She is in the process of building a support team and hopes to be overseas long term next year. (Jessi is heading towards security-sensitive contexts, so please do not share her name or any other specifics online to protect her and her team). 

    About the organization that Jessi serves:

    Our aim is to mobilize teams to glorify God among those who have never heard His Name. By sending inter-denominational (often international) teams into areas where Jesus is not-yet-known, we use strategic and creative approaches to share the Good News and raise up local Kingdom-communities to reach their own contexts.

    Connect with Jessi:  Please email the office to get contact info for Jessi. 

  • Joanna Mangione with Teach BeyonD

    With a double degree in Bible and ESL (English as a second language) from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Jo has been working with a missions organization in Alaska for the past four years, with the goal of loving and serving the evangelical church in Russia, and partnering with them as they love and support many of Russia's orphans. In the fall of 2018, Jo moved to St. Petersburg to teach at the International Academy of St. Petersburg, for full-time ministry in Russia. She looks forward to loving her students at the academy, working alongside the church in St. Petersburg and utilizing the summer months to engage in new ministry endeavors and further invest in the relationships already made.

    About Teach Beyond:

    "Teachers impact lives and cultures through education every day. Our vision is to go beyond – integrating faith and learning in the simple, yet profound belief that through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, lives and cultures will be transformed into Christ’s image.

    We wholeheartedly desire to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and societies transformed by His Spirit through education."

  • Rachel Rehbein with Solid Rock Bible Camp

    Since 1958, Solid Rock Bible Camp has provided the youth of Alaska with outdoor experiences to encourage a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  

    Rachel spent several summers working at Solid Rock before joining the full time staff in 2015. Solid Rock and Christian camping ministry has challenged and encouraged Rachel in her faith and relationship with the Lord in such tremendous ways that she wants to be a part of that for others regardless of age and involvement at camp: camper or summer staff member. 

    Connect with Rachel: Call or text 907-953-9939.

  • Ryann Runion with Solid Rock Bible Camp

    Originally from Indiana, Ryann has made Alaska her home. She came to Solid Rock Bible Camp for the first time in 2013, and moved to Soldotna to work full time at the camp. Preferring to stay in the background, Ryann has worked several different jobs during her time at camp.

    She is currently overseeing registrations for camps and courses, scheduling and writing contracts for guest groups, scheduling and organizing work teams, including their housing and transportation. developing a new website and implementing a new camp management software to better organize our registrations, and more importantly to better serve the families that sign up for camp. 

  • Kevin Spence with training leaders international

    Training Leaders International trains pastors and leaders around the world, partnering with local leaders who have invited us to provide the theological training pastors and leaders desperately need. We meet this need through modular training, teaching in formal schools, planting schools and leading international churches.

  • Dickson Family with solid rock bible camp

    Since 1958, Solid Rock Bible Camp has provided the youth of Alaska with outdoor experiences to encourage a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Solid Rock Bible Camp seeks to deal with campers in areas of their spiritual needs, encouraging each camper to make a definite commitment to Christ and to grow into mature Christians. Solid Rock seeks to provide safe and relevant programs to develop the camper mentally and physically through activities using an outdoor environment, and socially through cabin group living.

    After much prayer, consideration of our family long term at camp, and discussion with camp’s executive director on camp’s biggest needs currently I am now the Wagon Train Program Manager. Claire, the kids and I are exited to continue serve Christ at camp in this way.

    Claire and I have a heart for youth see there need for Jesus, the hope found only in Jesus, the definition, meaning and value Jesus offers them now and to know the truth of God’s Word. We feel led pursue this full time at Solid Rock Bible Camp. We are grateful for the flexibility and encouragement camp affords us to pursue this in the community at large and the local church body.

    We are so thankful for your partnership with us and ministry at Solid Rock Bible Camp. We pray that you would: seek Jesus in all you do, walk with The Spirit, and delight in God’s Word.


  • Dave & Linda Flamm with Arctic Barnabas

    The mission of Arctic Barnabas is to strengthen and encourage pastor and missionary families to effectively advance the Gospel Jesus Christ in Alaska and Canada.

    Linda & Dave  serve with Arctic Barnabas Ministries in Kenai, Alaska. Dave serves as the ministry director. They have been serving in Alaska for over 20 years. Over the years, they became aware of the need for a strong missionary and pastoral support system in the bush areas of the Far North. They felt passionate to support and encourage these front-line warriors who often are battling alone. 

  • Love INC


    humbly serve, learn from, and provide leadership to Love INCs that:

    encourages… through prayer, caring relationships, connecting local Love INCs to one another, and affirming strengths.

    equips… by leading the development of new local Love INCs, and providing operating Love INCs training and facilitating the exchange of resources and ideas.

    elevates… by challenging local Love INCs to assess and improve operations, continually focus on mission integrity and mature in vision casting to increase opportunity for the Body of Christ to show and share the love of Christ.

  • M.A.R.C.

    To expand the reach of the Gospel in Alaska by:

    - Flying people and supplies where there are no roads.

    Using a variety of aircraft, we provide cost-shared passenger & cargo transportation to pastors and their families, missionaries, churches, para-church organizations, Bible camps, and short-term work groups conducting ministry activity in Alaska, Far Eastern Russia, and Northern Canada.  

    - Supporting other missionaries and their aircraft.

    Mission work in remote Alaska necessitates a heavy reliance upon air transportation. As such, many individual missionaries and supporting organizations own & operate their own aircraft. However, proper aircraft maintenance is not only time consuming & costly, it is very difficult in the harsh terrain & weather conditions of Alaska. To help our partners maintain a focus upon their primary mission efforts and to help ensure the safe operation of their aircraft, we operate a maintenance facility that sustains & repairs their aircraft at a much reduced cost to these ministries. This effort is done in addition to the large task of maintaining our own aircraft fleet in a state of near constant readiness. 

    - Training Missionary-Minded Pilots and Mechanics.

    We’re privileged to reinvest our God-given aviation & maintenance talents into the lives of other Christians who share our concern for reaching the hearts of the Native Alaskans. Today we utilize our instructor-certified pilots to provide flight instruction to others who are interested in using aviation as a ministry tool; and we’re also honored to train pastors, missionaries, and other organizations in the field maintenance skills needed to operate in remote areas.  

  • Alaska Christian College

    Our Mission: "Empowering Alaska Natives through biblically-based higher education and Christian formation to pursue excellence in character, learning, and service as followers of Christ."


  • Glosser Family with m.a.r.c

    To expand the reach of the Gospel in Alaska by:

    - Flying People & Supplies Where There Are No Roads

    - Supporting Other Missionaries & Their Aircraft

    - Training Missionary-Minded Pilots & Mechanics

    We are grateful that God has called us to be missionary aviators here in our home state of Alaska. We pray that He would use us to reach our fellow Alaskans with the good news of Jesus Christ.


  • Michael Pearson with off the wall discipleship

    Michael is with Off the Wall Discipleship. Michael; along with the other staff members is responsible for discipleship of male students in the program first and foremost, teaching students and members of the addiction ministry partner at Operation 6:12 and works on recruitment and operations of the ministry. He and his wife Tanis also have started a youth ministry at a local church in their community. 

  • safe Families

    Vision: Creating a world where children are safe and families transformed through radically compassionate communities

    Mission: Safe Families for Children hosts vulnerable children and creates extended family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and families intact.

    Our Core Values: Radical Hospitality / Compassion fueled by Mercy / Disruptive Generosity

  • Persecution Project

    Persecution Project Foundation (PPF) provides active compassion for the persecuted. We bring crisis relief and spiritual hope to victims of civil war, genocide and religious persecution. We also provide on-the-ground assistance while restoring hope and rebuilding communities through the love of Christ.

    PPF was founded in 1997 by Brad Phillips. In 1998, Brad traveled to war-ravaged Sudan and shot hours of video chronicling brutal persecution against Christians by the National Islamic Front government (now known as the National Congress Party).

    This began a long journey, taking PPF through virtually every corner of South Sudan. PPF helped local pastors plant churches, supported orphans, built medical clinics, provided emergency relief to refugees—and kept taking pictures.

    In 2004, PPF expanded its work to include a growing number of refugees on the Darfur border fleeing the genocide taking place in that province. In 2009, a Safe Water program was started to provide safe water to the marginalized in Sudan and South Sudan. In 2011, PPF began an intense campaign to assist one of Sudan’s largest Christian minorities living in the Nuba mountains of Southern Kordofan by founding Outreaches include safe water borehole repairs, medical relief, crisis relief items, and distribution of discipleship materials for local evangelistic efforts. 

    PPF’s work continues with support of the Jebel Lopit Training Center, Eastern Equatoria South Sudan, where a new generation of leaders are trained to lead the world’s newest nation.