Carmen Franchino  -  Ministry Director

My story

I was born and raised outside of Ashland, Ohio on a dairy farm. I am a 4th generation Grace Brethren (now Charis Fellowship) and many of my fondest childhood memories center around time spent with our church family. Most of the people in our church were like aunts and uncles to me with the kids being like cousins. Those experiences modeled for me what church was supposed to look like.

I first invited Jesus into my life at the age of 6 at a Sunday evening church service with my grandma. Jesus was a very real and important part of my life. I was baptized soon after. I was very involved in our youth group and my sophomore year I went to Brethren National Youth Conference (now Momentum) for the first time. My friends were sharing questions and difficulties with me and I realized my inadequacy to help them. I had a conversation with my youth pastor who pointed out that I was drawing from a dry well. This helped me see my need for a personal and real relationship with Jesus. I also dedicated my life to full-time Christian service at that conference.

I met my husband Scott when he came to Ashland to serve as a youth intern between his college and seminary training. Our mutual love for Jesus and serving Jesus was a huge part of our attraction to each other.

When I dedicated my life to full-time ministry as a teenager, I didn't really have a clue, as a woman, how that would play out. Part of that journey was being a pastor's wife, but God has blessed me with vocational ministry opportunities throughout my life. I have served at CE National (now Momentum Ministries), an organization in the Charis Fellowship in Winona Lake, Indiana. Since 2009, I have been serving as Director of Operations for Amundsen Education Center, a faith-based, post-secondary vocational school in Soldotna. I have been privileged to serve at Peninsula Grace over the last 30 years in various capacities including administrative, youth, and worship ministries.

A unique thing about me is I love decorating for the seasons and holidays. In fact, I switch out the decor in  my house on a monthly basis, including my dishes!

My Heart for my Role

My heart for Peninsula Grace is that every person would have the same opportunity for community that I was blessed with as a child. I long to see everyone have the opportunity for authentic relationships that lead them to a deeper relationship with Jesus. I also want to see people have the opportunity to do ministry in their area of giftedness.