This Sunday

On Line: Stream Sunday's sermon here!

We will have sermon outlines and bulletins available at church if you'll be joining us there, or download them here; Sermon Notes and Bulletin

We've put together a playlist on Spotify of songs that we've sung together recently--we pray it's encouraging as we walk forward together.

Grace Kids

As always, if you choose to worship with your family from home or in person we invite all kids to follow along with sermon notes and additional activities. 

Sermon notes for elementary age  |   Sermon notes for middle school

How do I get the sermon on my TV?

How to find it on the app:

  • Open your YouTube app.
  • If you are not already a subscriber to the Peninsula Grace Church channel, search for “peninsula grace church” in the search bar, which you can find by clicking the left arrow. When you find it, subscribe!
  • If you are a subscriber to the channel, you can find the channel in your subscriptions, also found by clicking the left arrow button on the home screen. There should be an option in the right hand corner to “Visit Channel”
  • Once on the channel, scroll down to find “Created Playlists,” and select the “Live-Stream Sermons!” There you will find this weeks sermon!

Other options:

  • You can also cast the video from your phone to a device like a Fire Stick from Amazon, or a Roku, or on a smart TV. When you are on the YouTube app on your phone, look for and choose the symbol with the square and three curved lines. This should bring up the name of the device to which you would like to cast it.
  • Another option: plug your laptop into a tv via and HDMI cable

Let us know if we can help! We aren't technology experts by any means, but we'll do what we can to help find a solution.