Ryan Martin  -  Administrative Assistant

My Story

I did my growing up in Littleton, Colorado. I grew up in a home that loved Jesus and I made the decision to follow him when I was 10 years old. I was baptized by my grandfather. God has made his love for me more real each day. I have found that the farther away I moved from my childhood home, and my security blanket, the more I had to grow and rely on Him. He is faithful and has so clearly laid out a path for my life. His faithfulness through all seasons has been shown again and again.

I spent my younger years bossing my little brother around and making him play school with me. From an early age I knew I wanted to be an educator. I received my degree in Seattle, Washington at Seattle Pacific University in Elementary Education. During my senior year, I attended a job fair that had an entire Alaska row of districts from all over the state. I wandered down the aisle, strictly out of curiosity, and was hired that day to work at a school in Kenai. 

Without knowing a single soul in this town, I moved to see what God had in store. Five years later, I married the most incredible human, Josiah Martin, after meeting him 7 months prior at a Halloween party dressed like a hotdog. Life is weird. Now I have opened up my own Learning Center and teach cooking, science, and art classes. In our free time, Josiah and I love to participate in hiking, skiing, and sports. Playing board games can get pretty wild, and we always love hosting friends for a game night. Let us know if you ever want to join! 

My Heart for my role

Often being the first face you see when you walk in or the first voice you hear when you call, I strive to share the light of Jesus by interacting with joy. He has given me reason to be filled to the brim with joy and I want that to overflow on those I encounter.